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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

As Time Goes by in Shanghai
Germany/Netherlands | 2013 | 90min | DCP | COLOR | Documentary


The oldest jazz band in the world has been performing every evening at the Peace Hotel in Shanghai for 30 years. Most members of the band, all jazz musicians of first rank, are over 80 years old. Peace Hotel Old Jazz Band will embark on its greatest adventure and their appearance at the North Sea Jazz Festival Rotterdam. With great jazz hymns in the backdrop, the film will chart the fascinating life stories of seven exceptional musicians set in diverse stages from the Japanese occupation and the Cultural Revolution right up to today’s turbo-planned economy. With humour, wisdom and a tale or two being spun on the way, the men in black suits will lead us on a tour of their daily lives in one of the world’s most modern cities and show us how good old jazz has given them the strength to weather the storms of time.

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Uli Gaulke

Uli Gaulke studied film at Freie Universität Berlin. He worked as a projectionist in a number of theaters and played trumpet in several bands, before his first documentary Havana Mi Amor won the LOLA award for the best documentary in 2001 German Film Award. Comrades in Dreams(2006) was officially selected for Berlinale and Sundance World Cinema Competition.
: Helge Albers
: Sun Jibin, Bao Zhengzhen
: Axel Schneppat, Jorg Jeshel
: Uli Gaulke
: Raimund Von Scheibner

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