열일곱살의 버킷 리스트

A Bucket List of a 17 Year Old Boy

| 2015 | 86min | DCP | COLOR | Documentary | Pop, Rock


The film tells the story of three high school students who gathered together to help their friend’s dream come true. Suhyeon, the leader of the 8 member middle school band called A.D.H.D passed away from a tragic accident he had with other four members of the group. However, due to long break in their performance, they have to receive help from musicians in Hongdae. Would they be able to complete Su-hyeon’s bucket list? 

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영어 사교육을 하고 나서 영어책을 썼고, 여행하고 나서 소설을 쓰는 등 기록하는 일을 해왔다. 록밴드에 매료되어 그에 대한 다큐멘터리를 만들었는데, 연출작으로는 제천국제음악영화제에서 상영된 < 내 마음에 록스타를 깔고 >(2014), < 열일곱살의 버킷리스트 >(2015)가 있다.
: Lee Hye-rin
: Park Su-hyun, Kim Jae-kang, Na Ki-hoon, Park Jong-dae, Park Jung-hyun, Lee Young-ok