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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Colours of the Islands
Estonia | 2012 | 58min | Blu-ray | COLOR | Documentary


This visually striking film portrays 3 musicians from disparate parts of the globe, whose common ground is not only talented virtuosity, but also their heritage as ‘islanders’. Saxophonist Villu Veski from Muhu Island in Estonia, Faroe Island singer Eivør Palsdottir and Barak ‘Bird’ Levi from Hawaii all draw, in their unique ways, inspiration from their natural environments and age-old traditions. Underscoring each musician’s works are subtle, but expressive differences that characterize the spirit and nuance of their own island habitat. This film invites the senses to take flight.

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Madli Laane

Madli Lääne is a documentary filmmaker from Estonia. Her documentary Ready! Steady! Go! (2007) won the title of the Best Estonian Short Film. Madli also works as an editor both for documentaries and fiction. She has a MA in Film Art from Baltic Film and Media School, where she currently is working as an editing lecturer. She studied documentary filmmaking in Cuba and film editing in Germany.
: Pille Runk
: Rein Kotov
: Rein Kotov, Madli Laane
: Villu Veski
: Mart Kessel Otsa, Matis Rei

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