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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Good Luck! Boy
Taiwan | 2013 | 98min | DCP | COLOR | Drama


A-Tse is a great musician who has no passion for the music. Under his money lover uncle, Mr.Chian’s persuasion, he accepts a music festival for centennial sugar mill activity. He finds out this is also his childhood playground, with lots of precious memories. While in the process of creating the music, he finds out the whole thing was a lie. It was not a music concert for centennial, but a ground-breaking concert ritual to remove sugar mill. The story flashes back to the memories of childhood summer, the true friendship and wishes. Can the summer wish come true? Is it possible to rebirth the sugar mill? How can the musician save the mill which has his precious childhood memories?

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Shou Ho

Shou Ho was born in Taiwan. His musical works had been nominated at 52th Grammy, 9th Independent Music Awards and Taiwan Golden Melody Awards. Having specialty in creating original music and artistic performances, he has established 10 Drum Percussion and 10 Drum Culture Creative Park. For the mission of saving old sugar factory from demolition, he to directed the movie - Good Luck! Boy.
: Lan Ta-peng
: Tse Chiu, Lu Ming-chun
: Su Yi-mao
: Lu Hsin-chih, Yang Meng-ju
: Shou Ho
: TU Du-chih

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