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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Blue Sky Bones
China | 2013 | 105min | DCP | Drama | Classic, Jazz


Mother of the main character was a beautiful singer whose talent was outstanding in an art school, even though she lived in a gloomy era of the Cultural Revolution. Father was an established technician as well as a secret police. Rather than being a depressed kid, the main character was born in the Internet era. He gradually learns about the tragic story of his parents. As music was the only escape, he writes a song called ‘Blue Sky Bones’ hoping to have a harmonious family back. This is a debut feature film directed by Cui Jian known as the godfather of Chinese Rock Music. The movie gained attention for the participation of a renowned cinematographer, Christopher Doyle.

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Cui Jian

Born in 1961, Cui Jian is a singer-songwriter, trumpeter and guitarist. Beloved by Chinese people, he is called Lao Cui to express respect. Cui is acknowledged as a pioneer for Chinese rock music world and also the first musician to make rock songs in Chinese words. He composed the soundtracks on Devils on the Doorstep, and also starred in Dooman River directed by Zhang Lu.
: Yo Yo, Zhao Xuehua
: Ni Hongjie, Zhao Youliang
: Cui Jian
: Christopher Doyle
: Zhou Xinxia, Xiao Zhan
: Cui Jian
: Hao Gang

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