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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Journey to Jah
Germany/Switzerland | 2013 | 92min | DCP | COLOR | Documentary


Journey to Jah is a tale of seeking a spiritual home in a foreign culture, featuring people who are connected by one thing: music. Two directors spent 7 years shadowing two unique reggae artists– the German ‘Gentleman’ and Italian ‘Alborosie’ – on their search for authenticity away from western consumerist societies in the land of Rastafari and reggae: Jamaica. People they meet along the way include Richie Stephens, Damian Marley and also Natty – a driver and friend of ‘Gentleman’, who offers them an uncluttered look into the daily struggle for survival, far removed from the picture-book image of the Caribbean island.

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Noel Dernesch

Noel Dernesch studied film at Zurich. Since then, he works as an independent movie director and video artist. Much of his work received particular recognition and got awards such as the Swiss Art Award, Kiefer Hablitzl Preis.

Moritz Springer

After his first acting experience, Moritz Springer worked as an assistant director in Germany and the USA. His works include Die Wilden Kerie 3 and Gozilla. Back in Germany, he started implementing his own documentaries.
: Rene Romert, Jan Kruger
: Tilmann Otto, Alberto D'Ascola
: Moritz Springer, Noel Demesch
: Marcus Winterbauer
: Michelle Barbin, Christoph Senn
: Beat Soler

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