스페인의 조 스트러머

I Need a Dodge! Joe Strummer on the Run

| 2014 | 67min | Blu-ray | COLOR | Documentary | Rock


It’s 1997 and Joe Strummer is interviewed on Spanish radio. He mentions the Dodge he bought in Madrid 12 years earlier but later lost. He puts out a call to the Spanish people to look for his car. The film discovers what Joe Strummer was doing in Spain in 1985 with The Clash falling apart and looks at the production of the 091 LP in Madrid, while the director goes in search of Joe’s Dodge. The documentary looks at the period when, after 8 intense years in the media spotlight, Joe was forced to choose a new path. It aims to discover what initially drew Joe to Spain, the truth behind the 091 recording sessions, and investigates what happened to his beloved Dodge.

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닉 홀

영국 북동부에서 태어나 1996년부터 바르셀로나에 살고 있는 닉 홀은 영화 및 영상 산업에서 카메라 오퍼레이터, 에디터, 감독 등 다양한 역할을 했다. 또한 내셔널 지오그래픽, BBC, HBO, 르노, 아식스, HP 등 다양한 제작사, 방송사 및 기업과 작업했다. 현재 FC 바르셀로나와 레알 마드리드의 경기 영상 제작에 참여하고 있으며 <스페인의 조 스트러머>는 그의 첫 다큐멘터리다.
: Nick Hall
: Joe Strummer, Santiago Auseron
: Eduardo Rubio
: Joel Rojas, Andres Villa
: Ifan Jones, Javier Carles Madurga