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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Rock Me to the Moon
Taiwan | 2013 | 115min | DCP | COLOR | Documentary


When a child is born with rare diseases, it is usually the father that abandons the family; but not 6 dads in this film. Coming from different backgrounds, they do their best to care for their children while making a living to support the whole family. These dads certainly need an outlet for the pressure on their minds, so they turn to music and form a rock band called ‘Sleepy Dads’. With an average age of 52, they aim to hit the stage of the highly competitive Sea Music Festival. For this over-aged amateur band, it is as difficult as Apollo missions to the moon. Nonetheless, these fathers show no fear, because they already led their daily life on the edge. There is nothing these fathers cannot conquer, since their children’s happiness is their greatest mission of all.

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Huang Chia-chun

Huang Chia-chun got his master's degree from National Taiwan University of Arts. In addition to TV and commercials, he is engaged in screenplay and documentary film shooting. He has a sharp eye to observe people and to detect social issues. His works are warm and simple yet always touch people deeply. His first film, They are Flying won the Best Documentary Film Award in 2008’s Taipei Film Festival. Rock Me to the Moon is his latest work and is nominated for Taipei Film Award in 2013.
: Lin Yu-Hsien, Huang Chia-Huang
: Huang Chia-Chun, Naster Hsiu
: Chen Xiao-Tung
: Spark Chen
: Frank Cheng

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