Jecheon Film Music Award

Jecheon Film Music Honorary Award

Choi Chand-Kwon

Film Music director, Composer | Korea | (1934~2008)

Choi Chang-Kwon. A Living Legend in Korean Film Music Film music should be recognized by the musical world as a new form of composition, equal in rank to the older-established schools.- Gerald Pratley

The quote above by the film critic Gerald Pratley is excerpted from ‘The Technique of film Music’, a book by Roger manvell and John Huntley. It was the first book introduced into Korea that specialized in film music, and was translated by Choi Chand-Kwon and published by the Korea Film Council in 1987.

Nowadays, many people are interested in film music and various books on film music are published. However, in 1987 and for a long time to come, It was the only book available for those who longed to learn about film music. Choi Chand-Kwon has been an essential figure in Korean film music since he first engaged himself in film score composition in 1966. Born in Pyongyang in 1929, he studied composing at Seoul University, performed in Yegreen band, served as head of TBC Radio Orchestra and made his debut as film music director with < Blues of Glory>(starring Tea Hyun-sil) in 1966. For the next 30 years, he composed music for more than 110 films, some of them being Korea’s finest films. His contribution to Korean film history is grand with this many works: < Robot Teakwon V>, a classic in Korean animation; < A Road to Sampo>, < The Door>, < Mother> which won Best Music at the Grand Bell Awards; < Lost Migrant>, whose theme song sung by Choi Hee-jun was widely popular; < Yalkae, A Joker in High School>, a pioneering youth film; < An Old Potter> and < A Road to Sampo’s story> which had strong traditional elements.

Moreover, he pioneered the potential of original Korean musicals with musicals such as < Padam Padam Padam>, < Changpogo>, and served as director of the musical center Mirinae, director of Seoul Metropolitan Musical Theatre and the first director of the Korean Musical Association. Music Director Choi Chang-kwon will always be remembered as a living legend in Korean film music and original musicals. (Chun Jin-su)