Cool Night

Cool Night
Cool Night
Cool Night
Date : Aug 13, 2022 (Sat) 22:30 / Location : Uirimji Stage


Cool Night is a midnight music program in the form of a party, where the deejaying stages heat up the atmosphere and the audience can dance and sing, blurring the boundaries between one another. Only at JIMFF, you can experience the entire venue transforming into a stage that creates unforgettable memories for the audience. 


Hong Isaac

He made his debut in the 24th YooJaeHa Music Competition, winning a bronze prize for his own song 'Spring', and he shows his genius as a singer-songwriter and also as an instrumentalist of guitar, keyboard and clarinet. He is also an innate star who crosses genres from popular music to films, showing outstanding acting as an actor in his film debut and the opening film of JIMFF 2020, 'Da Capo'. 


EZUZ is an artistic hip-hop duo and the first Korean indie musicians to sign a contract for a Fortnite dance license alongside BTS and PSY in 2021. Their latest song 'Twerk It' has received rave reviews and inspired more than 20,000 SNS challenges, and their video EZUZ_DANCE has recorded more than 200 million views in total. 


The singer-songwriter JUTO, who released his first official album 'THE MIDNIGHT' this year , fuses different genres beyond rap and hip-hop. With the participation of high profile mixing engineers, his album contains unique and hopeful lyrics and beautiful narratives. With his rich sound, he is solidifying his position in the music industry.



Yonko released his debut single 'FUCKBOI' in 2016 and his first album 'LOVE LOST' in 2021. He is a singer-songwriter with honest lyrics and a unique voice as an artist who sings about love and life, showing his own incomparable view on music. Collaborating with various artists, he has made a name for himself in different fields such as songwriting, composition, arrangement, and production. Recently, the single 'Kiss Me on the Cheek' was released, continuing his musical journey. 


Rapper and singer, BIGONE expands his unique musical world through colorful collaborations, adding new musical experiments with refined and sensual grooves every time. 


Deepshower is a producer of CTM and a musician who plays a wide range of genres, including hip-hop and independent music based on electronic music.

With his latest album 'DRIVEANDLOVE', he has presented the experience of original auditory stimulation with the exciting sound of live musical instruments.