Live Music Talk
Date : Aug 15, 2022 (Mon) 19:00 / Location : Uirimji Stage


Live Music Talk is an attractive program unique to JIMFF, where the audience can enjoy film, music and talks in one place. The artists themselves participate to discuss film and music, creating various cultural and artistic content. This year's Live Music Talk is an opportunity for the audience to talk with the artists up close. On August 14th, Nam Jin's story of how he dreamed of becoming a movie star before becoming a singer will be told, and on August 15th, the story of the family band A Little Star, the Korean version of The Sound of Music, will be told by Jatanpung to share nostalgia and original experiences.



The group Jatanpung was formed in 2001 when Kang In-bong and Kim Hyung-seop of the group 'Tricycle' met Song Bong-ju of the group 'Scenery'. Their first official album was released in 2001, titled 'I to You, You to Me', which was featured in the film The Classic. With their clean, pure and pleasant folk music based on acoustic guitars, they are becoming more and more popular with the public.


Gang Aelija

Gang Aelija is widely known for her song ‘Pink Lipstick’ and is a member of the Small Star Family, a nine-member family music group consisting of her parents and brothers.

Her brother Gang In-yeob is a singer-songwriter who has written songs such as ‘Don’t Be Sad’ and ‘Dear Mother’, and her younger brother is Gang In-bong of the group Jatanpung.



A Little Star

Gang Mun-su

A fire shatters the happiness of a happy family of 7 siblings. When the father is bedridden, the mother works as a pianist and semi-classical singer at a salon while the kids pitch in by delivering papers, selling eggs, tutoring, and doing manual labor. One day, a violin teacher has the children perform at the salon and their mother faints from shock. The love-filled family goes on a nationwide charity concert to give their mother a change of scenery to recover. 

"The film is an anthem of life that 7 siblings and their parents based on real life for the first time in the world cinema history." Opening sequence captions well describe of the film, and the film includes all members of the musician family band Little Star and is full of their performances. Although typical melodramatic narrative is also there, but considering the static, slow pace of films back then, this vivid, exciting film is very noteworthy. In its core, we find the power of music that only a real family band can provide. (Maeng Soojin)


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