Nam Jin

Live Music Talk
Nam Jin
Nam Jin
Date : Aug 14, 2022 (Sun) 19:00 / Location : Uirimji Stage


Live Music Talk is an attractive program unique to JIMFF, where the audience can enjoy film, music and talks in one place. The artists themselves participate to discuss film and music, creating various cultural and artistic content. This year's Live Music Talk is an opportunity for the audience to talk with the artists up close. On August 14th, Nam Jin's story of how he dreamed of becoming a movie star before becoming a singer will be told, and on August 15th, the story of the family band A Little Star, the Korean version of The Sound of Music, will be told by Jatanpung to share nostalgia and original experiences.


Nam Jin

Nam Jin, who has maintained his position as one of the best performers since his debut in 1961, is undoubtedly the best singer in Korea with countless gem-like hits such as 'With My Dear', 'Empty Glass', and 'Love Me Once Again', and has won numerous awards for his outstanding artistic talent and achievements. Proving that age is just a number, he captures the hearts of the audience with his tireless physical strength and colorful stage manners, presenting passionate performances. 


Best Singer

Kim Kee-duk

Nam-jun comes to Seoul with the dream of becoming the Best Singer but finds his friend Dong-hun is a singer no one knows, so he sacrifices himself to support him. He even takes the fall for Dong-hun's car accident but once Dong-hun ignores Nam-jun once he becomes famous. While in despair, Nam-jun meets a girl called Min-hyang who recognizes his talent and gives up studying in the U.S. to help him. 


Kim Kee-duk, director of The Barefooted Young(1964) which became the best youth film of his time by making Shin Sung-il on stardom, also directed Best Singer starring Nam Jin, the best Korean superstar of the 70s. The film brings the various aspects of Nam Jin, who had been the top singer every year since the late 1960s to the mid-1970s. The film satisfies the audience’s curiosity about the show business world by telling them why Nam Jin was called Elvis Presley in the East through spectacular stage scenes. (Maeng Soojin)​


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