Mellow Night

One Summer Night
Mellow Night
Mellow Night
Date : Aug 15, 2022 (Mon) 20:00 / Location : Airfield Stage


One Summer Night is JIMFF's iconic music program, beloved by many visitors every year, with its open-air screenings and live music performances on beautiful summer nights. This year, One Summer Night will be held on the Airfield Stage that has been returned to the citizens of Jecheon, rendering even greater significance. Starting with the star-studded lineup of Groovy Night on August 12th and ending with Mellow Night on August 15th, the diverse program will bring unforgettable memories of summer nights to the audience. 




10CM, a unique icon of the Korean music industry, captivated the public with their casual lyrics and sweet melodies. After the release of their latest gradation album '5.3', 10CM have become the most sought-after musicians, collaborating with other artists, producing original music for the series TV, and performing at major music festivals. It is expected that 10CM's music will deeply touch the hearts of the audience this summer. 


In the Korean pop music scene, SUNWOOJUNGA occupies a very special position. Detached from genre or scene categories, her ability to skillfully handle her voice maximizes the original "flavor" of the song while presenting an unstandardized performance with freewheeling style. It would not be an exaggeration to call her the artist who "brings to life" the evolution of Korean pop music. 


LEE SEOKHOON, a singer and musical performer, is also a member of the three-member vocal group SG Wannabe and the epitome of a singer who captures the hearts of women with his unique, sweet and deep voice. With his first album 'Customary Place', released in March this year, he has defined his own musical world even more clearly. He is not only popular among music fans, but also in various fields of broadcasting. After giving a small theater concert earlier this year, he continues to meet audiences in musicals such as 'A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder' and 'Kinky Boots'. 


PAUL KIM, who debuted in 2014 with the single 'Would You Like Some Coffee?' has become a staple in the next-generation singer-songwriter scene, stirring the sympathies of different generations by capturing emotions about love, deep reflection and tender comfort. Starting with 'Rain', which climbed back up the charts with unprecedented force, he made it to the charts with every song released, including 'Me After You' and 'Traffic Light', establishing himself as a rising powerhouse in the music scene. Since then, he has broken sales records at every single concert and various festivals, establishing himself as an unrivaled male vocalist. His nationwide concert tour titled "Bruising" held 18 times in 2021 was sold out every time. 


JANNABI has created an unprecedented sensation by reinterpreting the roots of Korean pop music. Their incisive lyrics and songwriting style suitable for easy-listening have awakened empathy among confused youth, weary of the mainstream music industry obsessed with "coolness" or "hipness". 


LEE MUJIN is a South Korean singer-songwriter. In 2020, he participated as the 63rd singer in JTBC's audition program <Sing Again>. He won over the judges and the audience with his incomparable voice and musical style and placed third in the finals. In May 2021, he released his first single 'Traffic Light' to comfort the tired young generation with his endless charm. In 2022 he rose to best rookie, and his latest album [Room Vol.1] has been widely beloved. 


Love it (then) Dump it(LIDI)

Chung Jinsoo(VISUALSFROM.)

Sawol who sings arrives in an unfamiliar land at the invitation of someone. Sawol slowly builds a life for herself in this strange place. Sawol and the people living here speak in different tongues but they don’t have any difficulty communicating. Then one day, Sawol finds a poster for an auditon in a café and writes an email. She listens to music as she walks, organizes her thoughts and writes songs, and continues to repeat the mundane things that make her day worthy. 

Time passes oddly while traveling. The landscape alternates between full color and black and white, and the familiar foreign language suddenly feels strange. Singer-songwriter Sawol takes her time resting in Los Angeles while observing everything alien to her. The film flows like a picture diary of Sawol and turns each chapter with her tracks as sub-titles. The ending credits subside after crying her heart out, making us pay attention to Sawol’s mind until the end. A precious gift for Kim Sawol’s fans. (Nam Sunwoo) 


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2022-08-15  20:00Airfield Stage436GE -Go