Sound of Memories

Music Film's Landscape

  • Korea
  • 2022
  • 165min
  • DCP
  • B&W
  • Fiction
  • 12
  • World Premiere


Min-seok is contacted by his ex-girlfriend who broke up with him 5 years ago but she stands him up. Jong-beom quits doing music to make money by tutoring math. Ji-yul drops out of a band and begins making his own, new kind of music. 


Since The Sorrows of Young Werther, there have been plenty of films featuring struggling young artists, but this film impressively sensualizes the incomparable inner world of the characters coherently. With sporadic narration throughout, a bunch of young aspiring directors, actors, and dancers meander bleak alleyways on a cold winter’s day. Through the use of non-professional actors, and added quirkiness is given to what would otherwise be mundane scenes. With whimsical humor and unusual shots throughout, this black and white film is a must-see. (Kim Somi) 


Choi Sejin

Born in 1997, he studies at the Department of Theater & Film, Hanyang University. 

  • ProducerChoi Sejin
  • CastJeong Minseok, Son Jongbeom, Choi Daniel
  • ScreenwriterChoi Sejin
  • CinematographerBae Hyeonwoo
  • EditorChoi Sejin
  • MusicChoi Daniel, Jeong Jaehoon
  • SoundLee Sanghoon


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2022-08-13  13:00165Megabox Jecheon 521012E QA-Go