Planet A

Music Film's Landscape

  • Korea, Taiwan, Bulgaria, UK
  • 2022
  • 74min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Experimental
  • 15


Planet A is a metaphor for human arrogance, in which humans destroy nature and other beings, justify their behavior as "development", evaluate themselves as "good"(A), and are flattered to be on top of Earth. An experimental musical documentary project, presented as an omnibus of 15 music videos, was created with the goal of challenging the status quo and revealing the truth that lies behind what is happening on this "fantastic" planet right now, along with fighting against all discrimination within it.


Program Event : Hidden Track


Destroy (Just buy it! Throw it away! Ignore it and shut your eyes! For your sake)! The film starts with the director's warning: "The film includes very realistic scenes that may be emotionally disturbing." Planet A is a green musical documentary. The film includes a butchering scene that is hard to watch. In order to convey the process of animals becoming food, it utilizes music, captions, animation, etc. With 15 musicians, the film deals with various social issues including animal slaughter, feminism, refugee, handicapped, sexual minority, climate crisis, and war. (Kim Songhee)​



Lev Haru

Lee Haru is representative of the artivist collective Plagami for animal liberation. As a video archiving activist, he fights for "liberation for all" while exposing his transgender-queer identity and experiences of being foreign, homeless, and female. 

  • ProducerLev Haru
  • CastAya, Andreea, HOOLA, Manse, Bom, Jelly
  • ScreenwriterLev Haru
  • CinematographerLev Haru
  • EditorLev Haru
  • MusicDeadbuttons, Huckleberry Finn, VideoRose, HOOLA, Nacca, Lev Haru, Ine, Miru, MUTO, Caru, BelowPar, Notsun Muhwagwa, Fat Hamster, Billy Carter, 1.5 Celcius Harmony, Park Sunju, Gong Joong Geu Neul
  • SoundDDMARR, Zanyangg, Lev Haru


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2022-08-12  13:0074Haso Living Culture Center Walk10915E TGo
2022-08-14  20:0074CGV Jecheon 232815E --Go