Love it (then) Dump it(LIDI)

Music Film's Landscape

  • Korea, USA
  • 2022
  • 65min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Fiction
  • G
  • World Premiere


Sawol who sings arrives in an unfamiliar land at the invitation of someone. Sawol slowly builds a life for herself in this strange place. Sawol and the people living here speak in different tongues but they don’t have any difficulty communicating. Then one day, Sawol finds a poster for an auditon in a café and writes an email. She listens to music as she walks, organizes her thoughts and writes songs, and continues to repeat the mundane things that make her day worthy. 


Time passes oddly while traveling. The landscape alternates between full color and black and white, and the familiar foreign language suddenly feels strange. Singer-songwriter Sawol takes her time resting in Los Angeles while observing everything alien to her. The film flows like a picture diary of Sawol and turns each chapter with her tracks as sub-titles. The ending credits subside after crying her heart out, making us pay attention to Sawol’s mind until the end. A precious gift for Kim Sawol’s fans. (Nam Sunwoo) 


Chung Jinsoo(VISUALSFROM.)

VISUALSFROM(b.2011) is the studio and identity of Director Chung Jinsoo who is the founder. Cinematically, he thinks of things that can remain deep in the heart while workwise, he pursues video-sculpture and aspires to create installations - small - land art where the method of display is newly reconstructed depending on the location. VISUALSFROM. studio is based in Seoul and L.A.  

  • ProducerChung Jinsoo
  • CastKim Sawol
  • ScreenwriterKim Hyewon, Kim Sawol, Chung Jinsoo, Kim Miru
  • CinematographerChung Jinsoo
  • EditorChe Pak, Chung Jinsoo, Kim Sawol
  • MusicKim Sawol
  • SoundParksounds


Mellow Night

2022-08-15 20:00 / Airfield Stage

One Summer Night is JIMFF's iconic music program, beloved by many visitors every year, with its open-air screenings and live music performances on beautiful summer nights. This year, One Summer Night will be held on the Airfield Stage that has been returned to the citizens of Jecheon, rendering even greater significance. Starting with the star-studded lineup of Groovy Night on August 12th and ending with Mellow Night on August 15th, the diverse program will bring unforgettable memories of summer nights to the audience. 



TimeRTTheaterCodeRateSubQ&ALive ConcertTicket
2022-08-14  13:3088Megabox Jecheon 3315GE QA-Go