Inside a Funeral Hall

Made in Jecheon

  • Korea
  • 2022
  • 63min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Fiction
  • 12
  • World Premiere


Sang-eun who is in the hospital getting treatment for cancer without telling his family hears about his grandmother's passing and heads for the funeral hall but is disgusted by relatives fighting over the little fortune that she left. He runs into Eun-gyu’s uncle and hears that Eun-gyu’s mother is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer and is in the same hospital he is in. He seeks him out and seeing his mother makes his realize that for someone, death could be fierce desperation beyond sadness.  


The protagonist Sang-eun visits his grandmother’s funeral. Gathering at the funeral, his families mind their language because of his grandmother’s decease, but they soon reveal their true intentions. Sang-eun’s feelings are complicated by the news of an old friend. The mother of the friend whom he meets after the funeral also pours her feelings into Sang-eun, and Sang-eun is at a loss. The experienced performances of actors Park Ji-hong, Son Jong-hak, and Jo Eun-ji balance heavy emotions about death and create a consensus among viewers. (Jeon Minkyung) 


Lee Ho-hyun

Graduated from the Department of Life Science at Cheongju University with a minor in Journalism and Communication. Assistant Director for Scent of Ghost, A Girl at My Door, Rollercoaster, and The Fives.  

  • ProducerLee Ho-hyun
  • CastPark Ji-hong, Son Jong-hak, Jo Eun-ji
  • ScreenwriterLee Ho-hyun
  • CinematographerYang Gyun-sang
  • EditorLee Youn-jeong
  • MusicJin Su-young
  • SoundLee Sung-rok


TimeRTTheaterCodeRateSubQ&ALive ConcertTicket
2022-08-14  16:30115Restree Resom32112E --Go
2022-08-15  19:30115CGV Jecheon 142912E QA-Go