Withstanding and Existing

Official Competition

  • Korea
  • 2022
  • 64min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Documentary
  • G
  • World Premiere


Cinema Gwangju is the first theater in the Honam-region and the only theater that opened in 1935. The cinema has screened films in its original place up to these days. A musician Gonne Choi invites the seven musicians to share "Gwangju-ness" from her own perspective and they visit the cinema to speak and sing about their own "Withstanding and Existing". This documentary also contains the story of the painter Park Tae-gyu, who continuously has been working on hand-painting movie posters from the 1990s until today.  

Program Event : Hidden Track


In an old theater, musicians reminisce their old memories about theaters: the first film they watched, the films they grew up with, and the films that inspire them. The camera moves its gaze from each corner of the old theater (box office, stairs, projection room, seats) to the musicians' faces who start singing their song. With Gwangju Theaters, opened in 1935 as a backdrop, the film places interviews and performances by Kim Ildu, Kim Sawol, Kwak Pureunhaneul, and more. The film sings and records about Withstanding and Existing of place & music. (Kim Songhee) 


Gwon Churl

After graduating from university, Gwon Churl started to film the performances of musicians with his friends. He has still filmed the things until now. His film Live Planet Season 2 was shown at JIMFF(2011). Atmosphere, HAWAAII - Welcome shown in Music Videos Competition Section at SXSW(2012). He got the Promotion Grand Prix of Korea Advertising Awards with Slow Road in 2021. 

  • ProducerChoi Gonne
  • CastKim Ildu, Kim Sawol, Kwak Pureunhaneul, Bulnabang Star Sausage Club, Koh Sangji, Lee Jawon, Jungwoo, AmadoLeejaramBand, Choi Gonne, Choo Soyung, Park Taegyu
  • CinematographerGwon Churl, Kim Jina, Lee Inkyu, Min Byunghui, Lee Junhui
  • EditorGwon Churl
  • MusicCharlie Chaplin
  • SoundPark Jinho, Yang Hyunseok, Lee Eunho, Lee Hyunjun, Hwang Hyunwoo


TimeRTTheaterCodeRateSubQ&ALive ConcertTicket
2022-08-12  16:3084Megabox Jecheon 3119GE QA-Go
2022-08-13  13:0084Haso Living Culture Center Walk213GE TGo