Lady Shaman

Official Competition

  • Korea
  • 2022
  • 86min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Fiction
  • Korean Traditional Music
  • 12
  • World Premiere


Lee Sun-ho, the folklorist studying shamanism, is trying to get a faculty position at one of the universities in Seoul. After his third rejection from the universities, he leaves for Jeju Island to look for a new subject for his research. In Jeju, he meets Ahn Hae-ri, a young and beautiful lady shaman who is as highly respected as the national intangible cultural asset. To study Hae-ri’s rituals, Sun-ho becomes one of her assistants, at Mo Young-ri Shrine and they become close. 


A struggling researcher visits a young shaman for his study. Sexual tension sparks between the two. The title might suggest a melodrama but this story is surprisingly spooky. Seo Sunsil, a shaman who’s designated as National Intangible Cultural Heritage for Jeju Keungut was consulted in the making of this film. On top of its intriguing subject matter, this film goes into depth depicting traditional shamanism. The gut is captured through musical performance in a very realistic manner. Actor Shon Suhyun successfully imposes her charismatic magnetism. (Kim Somi) 


Choi Jayoung

After she completed the producer course at the Korean Academy of Film Arts(KAFA) in 2008, Choi Jayoung is Ph.D. Student in Interdisciplinary Program in Performing Arts Studies of Seoul National University. She participated as a producer of the graduating films of KAFA including The Legendary Kay(2008), The Hobbyist(2008), Hello and Goodbye(2008), and Men Without Women(2009)

  • ProducerWe Daeho
  • CastShon Suhyun, Yoon Sunwoo
  • ScreenwriterChoi Jayoung
  • CinematographerChung Hanchul
  • EditorKim Mockhyun
  • MusicLee Jisoo
  • SoundHan Sewon


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2022-08-12  19:3086Megabox Jecheon 312812E QA-Go
2022-08-14  16:3086CGV Jecheon 231912E QA-Go