Cinema Concert

Cinema Concert
Cinema Concert
Cinema Concert
Date : Aug 13 (Fri), 2021 19:30 / Location : Jecheon City Cultural Center


Director Han Hyung-mo's Hyperbolae of Youth, Korea’s first musical comedy film, is recreated as a contemporary composite performance. The work marked the start of Korean comedy films and introduced the use of musical performances in films. The modern reinterpretation provides a chance to enjoy the classical music film directly through the production of complex performances. Chae Eunseok, the master of Korean commercial films, and Park Yongjun have taken part as the director and the music director respectively. The performance is delivered by a spectacular crew of seven professional voice actors and fifteen musicians (eight string instruments, five band members, and two chorus members), providing the audience with a chance to experience the value and beauty of classical music films.​ ​


JIMFF musical troupe



Hyperbolae of Youth

HAN Hyeong-mo

This comedy film abounds in vivid musical colors, and features such stars as Hwang Hae, Yang Hoon, Kim Hee-gap as well as the Kim Sisters who had recently risen to fame through the Eighth Army Show. Composer Park Shi-chun appeared in an important supporting role. Along with Madame Freedom which had been released about six months before, this box-office hit represents the director’s heyday. In addition, it is a historical record of Busan in the mid-1950s in the aftermath of war and evaluation. (LEE Junhee)


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2021-08-13  19:30제천시 문화회관102GNE -Go