Joyful JIMFF

Joyful JIMFF
Joyful JIMFF
Joyful JIMFF
Date : Aug 15 (Sun), 2021 19:00 / Location : Jecheon City Cultural Center


Joyful JIMFF is a special stage with MBC Chungbuk for citizens who are having hard time under the situation of COVID-19.



Lyn is a Korean female vocalist who has countless hits such as “Used to Love”, “Honey, Baby, Love”, “Charisma” and more. She also sang “Back in Time” for Moon Embracing the Sun and “My Destiny” for My Love from the Star, which made her the ‘Queen of Original Soundtracks’.


AKMU, who caught many people’s eyes in 2013, surprised many K-pop fans with their unconventional original compositions. With a musical style that illustrates a broad spectrum of genres, AKMU took over the top ranks in several music charts and became a beloved group by many fans.


SKYLE, are a new K-pop girl band formed by Asian entertainment companies. They are “model dolls with an average height of 169 cm and have talented vocals and dances”. SKYLE consists of Chaehyeon, Erin, Ginny, and Ujeong.

JEONG Hyerin

After her first debut as one of the four members of the girl band ‘Hotties’ in 2015, Jeong Hyerin made her re-debut as a trot singer with her song “Rooms of Love” and has received attention for her sweet and cheerful voice and appearance. She has won New Trot Artist at the 28th Korea Culture Entertainment Awards in 2020.


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2021-08-15  19:00제천시 문화회관G --