• South Korea
  • 2003
  • 110min
  • Blu-ray
  • Color
  • Drama
  • 15


There are two women, Dongmi and Nanan. They thought they'd be successful at work or married at least when they were thirty. However, nothing has changed even after turning 30. But still, they are confident. In 2003, Singles, which captivated audiences by presenting new female images and new cultural trends, became a masterpiece that survived in 20 years without rust. It is now a work where you can enjoy the charm of Uhm Junghwa, the main character of this year's Jim Face, who presented the sensual yet subjective female statue. (MAENG Soojin)


KWON Chil-in

Kwon Chil-in graduated from the Korean Academy of Film Arts and worked as an assistant director for You My Rose Mellow (1988) before making his feature debut, A Good Day To Fall In Love (1995). He received critical acclaim for Singles (2003) which cheerfully captured love and life among young adults. He also directed Hellcats (2007), Love On-Air (2011) and Venus Talk (2013).

  • ProducerTCHA Sungjai, NO Jongyun
  • CastJANG Jinyoung, LEE Beomsoo, UHM Junghwa, KIM Joohyuk
  • ScreenwriterPARK Heonsu, NO Hyeyeong, SEONG Giyeong
  • CinematographerKIM Jae-ho
  • EditorSIN Min-gyeong
  • MusicKIM Jun-seok
  • SoundCHOI Teayoung


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