Pacífico Oscuro

World Music Film's Landscape

  • France
  • 2020
  • 10min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Drama
  • 15
  • IP



A long time ago, on the Pacific coast of Colombia, women used to make pacts with mystical forces to master the art of singing. But little by little, all of this knowledge that we learned from our ancestors has been forgotten. Ever since then, we have felt that something is missing.​


Camila Beltran

Camila born in Bogotá in 1984, she was first noticed for her experimental films including Le Soleil Brille (2007) and La Mala Hija (2010). Her first short fiction film, Pedro Malheur (2013) won a special mention from the Jury at the Clermont-Ferrand festival in 2014. Her first feature film El dia de mi bestia is now supported by Proimagenes in Colombia and will be shot in 2021.


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