A Delivery Man

Korean Music Film's Landscape

  • South Korea
  • 2020
  • 19min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Drama
  • 15


A young Chinese food delivery man Bae Minsik gets stuck in an elevator with a 64-year-old man Jegal Myoungsoo. Unlike Minsik, who wants to escape, Myoungsoo seems relaxed and starts ranting about young people and politics, which causes bickering. When Myoungsoo falls onto the food carrier, the Jjambbong soup spills over the floor. The building guard misunderstands the soup as blood and calls the police··. Myoungsoo comes up, and the two engage in a rap battle and dance together. The two men eventually come to understand each other.


KANG Seunghee

Kang Seunghee is currently studying film at Sangmyung University. He is the director of The Memories of Yeomni-dong (2014).

  • ProducerPARK Suyeon
  • CastLEE Yoonho, LEE Yanghee
  • ScreenwriterKANG Seunghee
  • CinematographerAHN Dongmin
  • EditorKIM Minhong
  • MusicCHOI Seongbin
  • SoundCHOI Seongbin


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