Mammam Mia

Korean Music Film's Landscape

  • South Korea
  • 2020
  • 30min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Documentary
  • 15


Hollywood musicals certainly provide a feast for the eye and the ear. However, I’ve always wondered why there are no major musical films from Korea. This documentary contains interviews with filmmakers who research and make musical films in Korea, asking questions about the musical film industry and its future. Starting with the Korean musical films, the film follows the teenage director’s attempt at producing a musical film and provides insight into his personal thoughts and persistent efforts through trials and errors.


LEE Yonggil

Driven by his passion for filmmaking, Lee Yonggil entered Korea Animation High School. Since turning 17 in 2019, Lee has directed several short films. Having taught himself music composition and arrangement, he creates soundtracks. He tries to create his own unique style of film and music.

  • ProducerLEE Yonggil
  • CastLEE Yonggil
  • ScreenwriterLEE Yonggil
  • CinematographerLEE Juhwan, LEE Hyeonwoo
  • EditorLEE Yonggil
  • MusicLEE Yonggil
  • SoundKIM Hyeonwoo, LEE Yonggil


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