The North Pole

Korean Music Film Now - Korean Competition

  • South Korea
  • 2021
  • 21min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Drama
  • 12
  • WP


In the near future, humankind has been almost wiped out by Covid-19, and the bourgeois class (people of the future) build huge walls to stop the spread of the coronavirus and live in the artificial utopia 'Inner Wall'. In the world on the other side or 'Outer Wall', proletarians (people of the past) live in poor conditions. A disillusioned dancer in Inner Wall named Ee-a stumbles upon an old book about 'geomagnetic reversal'. Ee-a plans to send a signal to outer space in time for the Earth's reverse polarity, which appears once every 200,000 years. Then Ee-a goes to the North Pole, where the magnetic field is the strongest on Earth.


YANG Eunjoo

After studying Astronomy and Western Painting at university, Yang Eunjoo has held three solo exhibitions and multiple group exhibitions. Her acting career took off in 2010, and she has since played various theatre roles. In addition, she is a singer-songwriter who goes by the artist name ‘Yang Sangsang.’ She currently focuses on musical film production with her fellow actors.

  • ProducerYANG Eunjoo (Yangsangsang Film)
  • CastKWAK Youha, PARK Shin-ae, HAN Sanghoon, LEE Jaese
  • ScreenwriterYANG Eunjoo, HAN Sanghoon
  • CinematographerCHOI Sung-woon
  • EditorCHOI Sung-woon
  • MusicPARK Shin-ae
  • SoundLEE Dongsung


TimeTheaterCodeRateSubQ&ALive Concert
2021-08-13  17:00Megabox Jecheon 601812E GV-
2021-08-15  10:00Megabox Jecheon 105012E --