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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Da Capo

Opening Film
  • Korea
  • 2019
  • 98min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Drama
  • G
  • World Premiere


The film begins with Tae-il's back looking at ocean waves. Tae-il, who is writing a song about the sea but can't complete it, goes to a country village to meet Jiwon, who had been in a band with him in the past. He meets her working at a music academy there and a rock band of middle school students she teaches. Spending time with the students who are clumsy but full of passion for music and Jiwon who still has sincere affection towards music, he recalls the happiest past time with music.


The reality is tough. The music industry scene chasing commercialism does not fully accept the music Tae-il dreams of. The gap between reality and dream, the tension between Tae-il and Jiwon, and the growing pains of students who dream of rock music. They are the main themes that lead the film.


Da capo does not abandon warmth and hope even in the anxiety and agitation of the characters on the base of deep understanding and affection for music. With two talented musicians, HONG Isaac from JTBC's audition program [Superband], and genius guitarist JANG Ha-eun, the film confesses deep affection for music and musicians. Also, director SHIM Chan-yang's maniac talent for cinema has given birth to a beautiful film of coming-of-age and a young and deep music film. A film that can measure the future of Korean music films.​ (MAENG Soo-jin)


Shim Chan-yang

He have written, directed feature films for Behind the Dark Night (2017) and Da Capo (2020). His short film Minsu Kim in Wonderland(2013) won the Special Jury Prize at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, and his first feature Behind the Dark Night (2017) won the Best Korean Fantastic film at Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. The latest film Da Capo was selected as the opening film of the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival.

  • ProducerLee Bum-su
  • CastHong Isaac, Jang Ha-eun
  • ScreenwriterShim Chan-yang
  • CinematographerJo Byeong-hun
  • EditorJung Jin-yong
  • MusicHong Isaac, Song In-seop, Lee Hwa-ik
  • SoundLee Kie-jun



Listening to Films, Watching Music


This is one of the many charms of music films. The Jecheon International Music & Film Festival will provide an opportunity for the audience to meet musicians in the films once again. The musicians in three carefully selected films unveil what they hadn't said in the films and the music they wanted to play. At the Cine Concert, which starts before the impression of the films' ending fades, the audience will have a pleasant experience “listening to films and watching music.”



1. Da Capo

Guest|​Director SHIM Chan-yang, HONG Isaac, JANG Ha-eun

Moderator|​SHIN Ji-hye (CBS Announcer)


HONG Isaac, JANG Ha-eun, and “The Destroyer,” a band that resembles that of their two like “décalcomanie.” Like a line in the film, “to sing is to leave a trace,” although a little clumsy and slow, they are walking their own way. These are the songs, performances, and stories they haven't done in the film.



2. On the Road, Khaosan Tango

Guest|​Director KIM Beom-sam, La Ventana

Moderator|​MAENG Soo-jin (JIMFF Programmer)


Our Last Tango (2015), Scent of a Woman (1992), Happy Together (1997), Tango Libre (2012).

How did the tango play and thrill the audience in the films, including On the Road, Khaosan Tango? Let's take a step further into the sad but calm tango music and story of the project band “La Ventana” composed of the best Korean tango musicians.




Guest|​Director SONG Woo-jin, Bohemia, Bruna

Moderator|​CHANG Yeong-yeop (CINE21 Chief Editor)


Brazilian legendary percussionist Valtinho ANASTACIO. The Korean Sambistas have sang and danced with ANASTACIO, who stayed in Korea from 2004 to 2019. We want to share the stories and music of yesterday and today of Sambistas, who are still dreaming of tomorrow even in 2020.​



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