JIMFF Selection - Joseon's Hip, Joseon's Groove

JIMFF Selection
JIMFF Selection - Joseon's Hip, Joseon's Groove
JIMFF Selection - Joseon's Hip, Joseon's Groove
Date : Aug 16 (Mon), 2021 14:00 / Location : Jecheon City Cultural Center


JIMFF Selection is an special program of JIMFF that allows the artist in the movie to perform and communicate closer to the audience.



Bobusangs is a peddler who travels from place to place and sells puns and songs. Sorikkun, demonstrating a new type of music swinging between traditional and creative styles, Talchumkkun, who performs across various genres of Talchum, contemporary dance, and creative music, and an electronic musician from MDS and Pretty Hwang Band get together to showcase the forgotten ‘Jaedam’ through the music.


Sangjaru is a group who began to gain national and international attention recently beginning with the comment from Naver ONSTAGE2.0 evaluating them as “the dawn of traditional Korean contemporary music” in 2019. Also, The Hankyoreh, a newspaper company in Korea, describes them as “the protagonists of neo National Music in 2020 – Sangjaru, the Korean gypsies at the forefront of contemporary music” and GQ Korea chose them as ‘Debut of the Year’ in 2020, giving them an intense spotlight.


TimeTheaterCodeRateSubQ&ALive ConcertTicket
2021-08-16  14:00제천시 문화회관109G -Go