You and Me

All About Korean Music Film 2021
  • South Korea
  • 1941
  • 24min
  • DCP
  • B&W
  • Drama
  • Korean Traditional Music
  • 12


This propaganda film on the ‘Korea and Japan One’ policy and enlistment from the Japanese colonial era was produced with support from the military. Currently, only about one-fifth of the film is available, and some scenes include musical content. Although not originally planned as a musical film, the lead actor Kim Young-gil was an opera singer known as Enrico Caruso of Asia. Singer Kim Jung-Ku and actress/singer Xiang Lan Li can be seen in the boat scene set in Geum River. (LEE Junhee)


HEO Yeong

Born in Manchuria in 1908, Heo Yeong moved to Japan in the mid-1920s, and married a Japanese woman. He pretended to be Japanese using several different Japanese names. He entered the film industry in the late 1920s, and worked as assistant to the director during the making of The Golden Demon in 1932. After he returned to Korea, he directed You and Me (1941), a propaganda film promoting the ‘Korea and Japan One’ policy. Heo passed away in 1952.

  • CastMUN Ye-bong, HWANG Jung-seun, SEOK Geum-seong


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