All About Korean Music Film 2021

The Jecheon International Music & Film Festival launches a long-term project named ‘Special Focus’ to represent the history of music films that remain as an unknown area in the Korean film history. The objective of this project is to revisit the history of Korean films from a music film perspective, and revive the rich culture of Korean music films we used to enjoy. This project redefines the concept of 'music films', identifies the cultural and historical characteristics of Korean music films, discovers forgotten music films and introduces them to contemporary audiences so that they explore various ways to truly experience the rich Korean music films. To this end, this year's Jecheon International Music & Film Festival will digitally restore five music films that have historical and aesthetic values. Spring of Korean Peninsula (Lee Byung-il, 1941), You and Me (Heo Young, 1941), Hyperbolae of Youth (Hang Hyungmo, 1956), The Guitar for Mother and Her Daughter (Kang Chan-woo, 1964) and The Queen of Elegy (Hang Hyungmo, 1967). There are two separate programs running for this initiative. A special exhibition of ‘The Origin of Korean Music Film’ and a forum of ‘Re-mapping of Korean Musical Film’. With these, films such as ‘The Blue Hill (Yu Dong-il, 1949), the official first music film existing in Korea, Let's Meet at Walkerhill (Han Hyungmo, 1967), and A Beauty (Lee Hyungpyo, 1975), will be screened together. 

Total Counts : 3

Spring of Korean Peninsula

LEE Byung-iI

South Korea | 1941 | 85min | DCP | B&W | Drama | Korean Traditional Music | 12

The Blue Hill

YU Dong-il

South Korea | 1949 | 37min | DCP | B&W | Drama | Korean Traditional Music | G

You and Me

HEO Yeong

South Korea | 1941 | 24min | DCP | B&W | Drama | Korean Traditional Music | 12