Sound & Vision

In the film industry, where popularity and box office sales have become the most important value, the films that send honest questions about the essence of films are losing their place. ‘Sound & Vision’ is a section created to encourage the films questioning ‘What is a film?’ while exploring the essence and the properties of images and sounds. In this year's 'Sound & Vision' section, three feature films and five short films will be screened. A Symphony Of Noise takes us into the world of British revolutionary composer and musician, Matthew Herbert. Through his work of creating music from all the sounds of real life, we see the revolutionary function of music in a completely different way from the existing ones. Gallant Indies is an interesting attempt to show what happens when we reinterpret an opera from a modern point of view, which has been accepted for the white upper class only. Oh, It Hertz! proposes an ingenious hypothesis that there was a Nazi intention for all the music we hear today so that was to be standardized at 440 hertz. Will you agree with the director by the end of the film? Other than those, there are other five short films that are brave to challenge the conventional thinking about images and sounds. 

Total Counts : 3

Oh, It Hertz!

Gunnar Hall JENSEN

Norway | 2021 | 88min | DCP | Color | Documentary | G | AP

A Symphony of Noise

Enrique Sánchez LANSCH

Germany | 2021 | 97min | DCP | Color | Documentary | Hybrid, Instrumental | 12 | AP

Gallant Indies

Philippe BÉZIAT

France | 2020 | 108min | DCP | Color | Documentary | Opera | G | KP