Korean Music Film's Landscape

In this section to find the diverse flows of the Korean music history, there are five feature films and nine short films. You will be able to find the continuous efforts of creators who keep making films under the circumstance of Covid-19 pandemic.

LIMECRIME is a hip hop film about two high school students who have completely different background in growing up, gather to form a hip hop duo. The film shows both the music and the growth of these two kids with lively sentiment. AZIT LIVE PREMIUM - SE SO NEON, produced by CJ Cultural Foundation, is a concert movie that is shoot in a studio under the pandemic era will be a gift for audiences who are thirsty for performance during the pandemic. Song Hae b. 1927 was not meant to be a music film when they started shooting the family of Song Hae, but it shows the power of a documentary which has the most drama without a script. Sister J shows the long fight of the workers in Cort Cortek, the guitar maker, suggests one way how a social challenge meets music. Misery Loves Company, a short music film that shows imagination and the great expression of animation, Mammam Mia shows how well a high schooler amateur director can produce a film. Lastly, you should not miss God's Daughter Dances, that boasts the best quality out of all the short films that were released last year.

Total Counts : 6


Daniel JON, MAENG Soojin

South Korea | 2021 | 68min | DCP | Color | Live Film | G


LEE Seunghwan, YOO Jaewook

South Korea | 2020 | 83min | DCP | Color | Drama | G

ON THE ROAD an artist's journey

John H. LEE

South Korea | 2020 | 113min | DCP | Color | Documentary | G

Sister J

LEE Soo-jung

South Korea | 2020 | 98min | DCP | Color, B&W | Documentary | G

Song Hae b. 1927

Jero YUN

South Korea | 2021 | 83min | DCP | Color | Documentary | G

TIME TO PLAY; a story of street musicians in New York City

Seojong Stephan PARK

South Korea, United States | 2020 | 71min | DCP | Color | Documentary | G | WP