A Star of Disgust

Korean Music Film Now - Korean Competition

  • South Korea
  • 2021
  • 117min
  • Color
  • Drama
  • Musical
  • 12
  • WP


A Star of Disgust starts with the Instagram feed of someone on a diet. The account belongs to a woman named Miyoung who dreams of becoming a musical actress but struggles with low self-esteem. Daehyun has often been teased for being skinny. Both Miyoung and Daehyun have been targets of online trolls as a result of illegal filming. They run into each other at a guesthouse and recognize each other. Started as a black comedy, the film transforms into a moving musical about the possibility of making new connections. (NAM Sunwoo)


JUNG Byeongsik

Jung Byeongsik wrote the script of Action Boys (2008) and dramatized the script of Confession of Murder (2012). He planned, produced and wrote The Villainess (2017), and directed Monkeys (2014), which was selected to compete in the Korean Feature section at the 15th Jeonju International Film Festival. He won the International Digital Cartoon Competition for two consecutive years (2006~2007). He is the author of the webtoon Family Portrait. Jung is currently working on a Netflix original film titled Carter.

  • ProducerJUNG Byeong-gil, JUNG Byeongsik
  • CastHWANG Miyoung
  • ScreenwriterJUNG Byeongsik
  • CinematographerJUNG Byeongsik
  • EditorJUNG Byeongsik
  • MusicLEE Hyeon-ho, LEE Hwanhui
  • SoundLEE In-gyu, SUNG Yunyong


TimeTheaterCodeRateSubQ&ALive Concert
2021-08-14  16:30Megabox Jecheon 104112E GV-
2021-08-16  19:30Megabox Jecheon 609212E --