Uhm Jung-hwa is the first protagonist of 'JIMFFACE', which commemorates the achievement of an artist who has left a significant mark in both the music and the film industry. Uhm Jung Hwa has not only maintained her position as a top singer for a long time with numerous hit songs such as “Rose of Betrayal”, “Poison”, and “Festival”, but also gained the fame as a fashion icon. Since the 2000s, she has expanded her career wider in the film industry with meaningful films such as Marriage Is Crazy (2002), Singles (2003), and For Horowitz (2006), from which she has achieved significant achievement in terms of both box office and critical acclaim. In this special exhibition on ‘JIMFFACE – UHM JUNG HWA’, there are various films of hers to be screened. In this special exhibition on ‘JIMFFACE: UHM JUNG HWA’, there are various films of hers to be screened like her representative music films For Horowitz (2006), Dancing Queen (2011). Also, you can enjoy Singles (2003), Princess Aurora (2005), Bestseller (2010), Wonderful Nightmare (2015), that show diverse sides of Uhm as an actress. It will be a meaningful opportunity to meet the true face of Uhm Jung Hwa as an actress, a singer, and a multi-artist who is sexy and cute at the same time as commonly wished by the Korean entertaining industry, still has not been trapped and consumed by the typical image, but successfully created her own color. 

Total Counts : 6


Lee Jungho

South Korea | 2010 | 123min | Color | Drama | 15

Dancing Queen

LEE Seokhun

South Korea | 2012 | 125min | Blu-ray | Color | Drama | 12

For Horowitz

Kwon Hyungjin

South Korea | 2006 | 108min | Beta | Color | Drama | G

Princess Aurora

PANG Eunjin

South Korea | 2005 | 106min | Color | Drama | 18


KWON Chil-in

South Korea | 2003 | 110min | Blu-ray | Color | Drama | 15

Wonderful Nightmare

KANG Hyojin

South Korea | 2015 | 125min | DCP | Color | Drama | 15