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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

This year, the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival further opens its doors to the people of Jecheon. The beautiful scenery around Cheongpung Lake, the friendliness of the city, and, above all, love and interest from the people of Jecheon have been the driving force behind the festival's successful growth. While the festival resonated with the latest trends in the global music film industry, So many music films are being made in Jecheon.


“MADE IN JECHEON” showcases works by citizens in Jecheon, and aims to contribute to the city's booming film industry. The festival's effort to engage with the people of Jecheon in various ways will continue in the future. This section features 6 works—Ready Action Report, BUCKSER, 10,000won, Warm room, Your butterfly, and A Child in One's Bosom.

Total Counts : 6


Kim Jong-min, Kim Na-yong

Korea | 2019 | 6min | Color | Drama | G

A Child in One's Bosom

Park Jong-ki

Korea | 2018 | 7min | Color | Drama | G

Ready Action Report

Lee Jun-hyeong

Korea | 2018 | 18min | Color | Others | G


Lim Won-seok, Choi Hui-yeon

Korea | 2019 | 19min | Color | Drama | G

Warm room

Choi Chunhee

Korea | 2019 | 30min | Color | Drama | G

Your butterfly

Moon Gyu-yeol

Korea | 2018 | 30min | Color | Documentary | G

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