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JIMFF 2016 Film Entry
JIMFF 2016/02/15 14:00 327

JIMFF 2016 Film Entry


Entry Period : 15th Feb ~ 31th Mar 2016



Entry Conditions
1. All films submitted for JIMFF 2016 must have been completed after 1st, January 2014
2. Premiere required : It is obligatory that these films have never been previously shown at any other film festivals in Korea
3. All kind of Music Films including drama, documentary, animation and experimental films that have been made under diverse musical themes
4. English-subtitled screening copy of the same version as the film(if the original language of the film is not English) 


Entry Channel (Choose 1 of 4) 
1. 1 DVD by post - Below address
2. Streaming link: youtube, vimeo, or film website
3. Digital file : **drop**box, wetransfer or e-mail
4. FilmFreeway : FilmFreeway website(https://filmfreeway.com/festival/JIMFF) and submit the film with preview screener
* Entry Form : Duly signed entry form (E-mail, fax or post)




[JIMFF2016 Regulations download]
[JIMFF2016 EntryForm download]



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