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Music Theater   Program Event Book

Music Theater is a program where the audience can listen to live performances of the music in the JIMFF selected films. This year, a jazz pianist Kim Seung Bum of <Seoul Clavier Chronicle> selected for Music in Sight, a guitarist Kim Jihee of <Free My Soul, Free My Song> selected for Korean Music Film Today, a sound artist group WeatherReport of <Transparent Music> selected for Korean Music Film Today, and Flamenco x Gukak Cross over Performance group soriquete of <Viva la Vida> supported by JIMFF 2018 Music Film Project Promotion will bring the music in the films closer to the audience.

Date Venue Screening Performance
August 10 (Sat), 2019
Jecheon City Cultural Center Korean Music Film Now Shorts 4
<Three three - time>
<Transparent Music>
<Etaa sere, Maasai>
WeatherReport (Kim Jiyeon, Yi Gangil), Sound Artist *<Transparent Music>
August 11 (Sun), 2019
Korean Music Film Now
<Viva la Vida> Viva la Vida
soriquete, Flamenco x Gukak Crossover Performance
August 12 (Mon), 2019
Music in Sight Shorts 2
<The Day Don Died>
<20 Years is a Long Time>
<Trapped in the City of a Thousand Mountains>
<Seoul Clavier Chronicle>
Kim Seung Bum, Jazz Pianist *<Seoul Clavier Chronicle>
August 12 (Mon), 2019
Korean Music Film Now
<Free My Soul, Free My Song>
Kim Jihee, Guitarist
WeatherReport (Kim Jiyeon, Yi Gangil) | Sound Artist

WeatherReport is Seoul based art collective of Kim Jiyeon -pianist/composer/sound artist and Yi Gangil-media artist/programmer. Since 2016, they have practiced live streaming art in form of installation, performance, and transmission art. Recently they have shown audio-visual performances integrating piano playing, live streams, realtime data visualization at [Transparent Music], [Piano Day Seoul], [Jeju-London network sound performance].

In this performance, we show audio-visual work that uses live streaming as an element of music; Piano performance with ‘network echo’ which comes back through the server as musical shadow. Real-time streaming sounds outside the theater. Responsive data visualization of the flow of such sound signals. Through this performance, listening and seeing music can be led to experiment with the expansion of the concept on spacetime.

soriquete | Flamenco x Gukak Crossover Performance

soriquete is a crossover performance group formed by a sorrikun, flamenco guitarist, and dancer who met on Jeju Island. The group name "soriquete" combines the terms "sori" from gugak (Korean traditional music) and "soniquete" (to sing or dance freely to the beat) from flamenco, and signifies a meeting between gugak and flamenco.

Flamenco songs are recreated by the sorikkun, while the flamenco guitar tunes mix with such sori works as “Korea traditional songs”. The exquisite crossover results in unique performances which are unfamiliar, yet familiar; exotic, yet traditional. And, the flamenco dance movements with powerful, rhythmic stamping of the feet are expressed with the soriquete tunes. Through the soriquete performances, you could enjoy an unfamiliar meeting of flamenco and gugak that results in melded genres.

Kim Seung Bum | Jazz Pianist

Born in 1996 in Seoul. He entered Howon University as the top student of jazz piano major. He has been a pianist for Han Sangwon Band and played in the “PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic” Cultural Performance. He is in active in jazzclubs Once in a Blue Moon, All That Jazz, Shilla Hotel, and Groove. He participated in OST sessions and arranging activities such as EBS [Space Gonggam], NAVER [On Stage].

1. Blue Monk / Thelonious Monk
It is a representative song of jazz pianist 'Thelonious Monk'. It is a 12 bars blues song, it repeats and it becomes improvise. Monk surprised the audience by playing this song for about 50 minutes. This time he`ll play with a feeling of blues on medium swing.

2. Oh my love / John lennon
It was composed by John Lennon, one of the Beatles members. It is a lovely song that tells about first love, also melody is sweet. He`ll play the feelings with a piano improvised solo.

3. Our love is here to stay / George Gershwin
George Gershwin is an American composer and pianist who combines classical and jazz. It is better known as 'Summertime,' 'Rhapsody in Blue,' and is famous for its versions played by jazz vocalist Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armsrtrong. This time, He'll play it with creative performance.

Kim Jihee | Guitarist

Kim Jihee spent a tough childhood as an individual with an intellectual disability. Then, she started a new life as she met the guitar. She played guitar solo at the closing ceremony of the “2013 PyeongChang Special Olympics World Games” and now spends busy days performing and broadcasting. A hard working struggler than a natural born music genius, Kim Jihee is turning into a professional musician-releasing her own songs and performing.

Finger style guitarist Kim Ji-hee's official debut song 'Love Song for My Mom' She is usually inexperienced with emotional expression and communication. She created a song for her beloved mother as a song for her own heart. She expressed the weight of her life on her mother's back.