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The Flowering
Tree of Indian Cinema’s Song and Dance

Why does Indian cinema have all those songs and dances? Song and dance are the USP (unique selling proposition) of Indian cinema, just as martial arts is for Hong Kong cinema. The art of Indian song picturisation simultaneously combines the arts of poetry, music, choreography, cinematography and editing. This forum will provide an opportunity to explore the tradition and variety of Indian cinema’s song and dance and understand why it is so beautiful.

Venue Megabox Jecheon 5
Date 15:30 12. Aug (Sun), 2018
Lecturer Meenakshi Shedde / Film Critic, Guest Consultant to ‘Theme & Variations - Thousand Faces of Indian Music and Film’
Panelist Lee Ock-soon / Director of the Institute of Indian Cultural Studies
Host·Organizer Jecheon International Music & Film Festival