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Manna Service

‘Cinema on the Lake, Music in the Wind’and some more fun!

A different kind of fun and special experiences await the festival-goers of midsummer JIMFF. Put the online games down for a moment and go back to playing simple games with friends in the village alleys or indoors as when you were a kid.

* 'Manna Service' is the name of the volunteers helping out the process of the events and you can find them all over the festival venues.

JIMFF Olympic

Do you remember relay racing and accomplishing missions on sports day when you were a kid?
Accomplish 4 missions to get stamps on the coupons and you will be surprised with a little gift! After all 4 missions completed the participant can have a chance to draw lots, a special present awaits.

  • Fish’em - Catch the toy fish in the air pool
  • Shoot’em - Knock down the tower using a nerf gun
  • Spin’em - Spin the wheel and play the mini game
  • Throw’em - Throw a coin on the painted floor
  • Pick’em - Pick a gift once you’ve completed the above four missions
PERIOD 11. Aug(Fri) - 14. Aug(Mon), 2017
VENUEJecheon City Cultural Center

See You Manna
on Stage

Enjoy not only busking performances by various street musicians but also the Manna Service, which the first 30 audiences to come can play OX quizzes and other games at Magabox Jecheon, JIMFF’s main theater, and Jecheon City Cultural Center, a special cultural complex. The final winner gets a special prize! All participants get a small gift!

PERIOD 17:00 11. Aug(Fri) - 14. Aug(Mon), 2017 11:30 11. Aug(Fri) - 14. Aug(Mon), 2017
VENUE Megabox Jecheon Stage Jecheon City Cultural Center Stage

the Manna Event

Meet the ‘Manna Service’! You will run into Manna Service all over the festival venues! When you meet Manna Service, say “Glad to meet you!” As a thank you, they will treat you with fun events.

PERIOD 11. Aug(Fri) - 14. Aug(Mon), 2017
VENUE Wherever you meet a Manna Service