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2017 Trailer

2017 JIMFF Trailer "Day and Night"

During the daytime in some alley seeing a Hanok wall with complex patterns, a girl is playing an instrument in the left corner of the wall. As some melody is played, nighttime of the same space washes over from the right corner. The night flows into like a wave, an in-between line comes up dividing the day and the night, and a woman walks from the end of alley at night. She seems to be dancing in slow motion. As the woman comes close to the girl, the night also comes. The woman glimpses of the girl with the instrument then disappears from the scene. The girl with the instrument nudges her instrument over the line. Then she passes herself into the night. She walks into the world of the night. The night pushes the day,and there is only the night left in the alleyway. Again the dancing woman comes close to the girl.Now they are facing each other.

Director Kim Jong- kwan

Kim Jong-kwan made several short and feature films which has been awarded prizes and invited to many domestic and international film festivals. His title Lovers has been first officially released as personal short film collection at 2008. Also his full-length film Come, closer (featured by Jung Yumi, Yun Gye Sang, YOZOH) has been released at 2010, and WORST WOMAN (featured by Han Yeri, Iwase Ryo, Kwon Yul) has been released at August, 2016. Now his latest work The Table featured by Lim Su Jung, Jung Yumi, Han Yeri, Jung Eun-chae is preparing for releasing.