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El Viaje - A Road Trip into Chiles Musical Heritage

Director : Nahuel Lopez | Germany | 2016 | 93min | DCP | Color | Documentary | World Music

< El Viaje > is a vibrant journey through Chile and its musical tradition, the ‘Nueva Cancion Chilena’. It became the soundtrack of a generation which greatly influenced musicians all over the world. One of those musicians is Rodrigo Gonzalez, who emigrated to Germany in 1974 in the wake of Pinochet’s military dictatorship. Today Rod is the bassist of German punk rock band, Die ?rzte. In this film he returns to his homeland, and perhaps more significantly, to his musical roots.


World Music Film Today introduces latest films across all genres in which music plays a central role. A jury of five international members will select one film to receive the LOTTE Award, which is accompanied by $20,000 prizes. The selection of 2017 includes 2 feature films and 5 documentaries. The 2 feature films are < The Golden Wing > , a biopic of legendary Indian folk singer Pratima, and < Hotel Rock'n Roll > , a comedy film that depicts how a rock star wannabe who inherited a hotel from his uncle rebuilds the hotel. Also 5 documentaries are presented: < El Viaje - A Road Trip into Chiles Musical Heritage > which highlights Chilean music circle, < Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary > which is about the saxophone player John Coltrane’s art and life, Far Western which reflects country music in Japan through the eye of an American, < Ode to Time > which is dedicated to folk song movement in Taiwan, and < My Umma > which follows an American adoptee Luke who performs on the street, looking for his mom. Through various films of all subjects and genres that feature music as means of communication,this section provides a snapshot of the latest trend in world music films.

Jury of International Competition

Christian Jeune
[President of the Jury] Christian Jeune
Director of Film Department and Deputy General Delegate of the Cannes Film Festival

Christian Jeune is the Director of Film Department and Deputy General Delegate of the Cannes Film Festival, responsible for representing the festival abroad and scouting films, particularly from Asian territories. Having worked at the festival in a number of positions since 1983, he was instrumental in helping to increase the profile of Southeast Asian auteurs such as Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Brillante Mendoza, Eric Khoo, Garin Nugroho, among many others. He has also translated over one hundred films from English into French.

SHI Nansun
SHI NansunProducer

Esteemed and prolific producer SHI Nansun has produced blockbuster hits such as The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D(2011), Young Detective Dee ? Rise of the Sea Dragon(2013) and The Taking of Tiger Mountain(2014). She was pivotal in the success of Cinema City and Film Workshop Co Ltd., which she founded with internationally-acclaimed Producer/Director Tsui Hark. Nansun was a member of the International Jury at the Berlin Film Festival in 2007 and at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011. Nansun is a member of the Hong Kong Tourism Board and Vice Chairman of the End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation.

Hanno Yoshihiro
Hanno YoshihiroFilm Music Director, Director, Screenwriter

composer whose field of work has been expanding from movie soundtracks to orchestral pieces, as well as electronics music. With his score for Hou Hsaio-Hsien film Flowers of Shanghai, which was highly praised as ‘discovery of a new talent of movie soundtracks’. Hanno has collaborated with leading Asian directors such as Jia Zhang-ke, Yu Lik Wai etc... In 2015 Hanno directed and written his first feature film called A Woman Wavering in the Rain. It was invited to Tokyo International Film Festival.

Choi Dong-hoon
Choi Dong-hoonDirector, Screenwriter

Choi Dong-hoon ranks as one of the most consistently successful writers and directors working in the Korean Cinema, becoming commercial hits that also garnered critical acclaim. Choi made his feature directorial debut with The Big Swindle(2004) and single-handedly re-imagined the heist and crime thriller genre into uniquely Korean. His second feature Tazza: The High Rollers earned a reputation as an artistically innovative and commercially successful writer-director. Woochi(2009) featured spectacular action scenes that fused sorcery and wire stunts. In 2012, The Thieves attracted almost 13 million admissions. In 2015, his first period film Assassination was once again a massive box office hit, attracting 12.8 million viewers.

Gwei Lun-Mei
Gwei Lun-MeiActress

Gwei Lun-Mei is a renowned Taiwanese actress. She began her acting career with the film Blue Gate Crossing(2002) and has since starred in over 20 films. In 2012, Gwei won the Best Actress Award at both the 49th Golden Horse Awards and the 55th Asia-Pacific Film Festival with her role in the coming-of-age drama Girlfriend, Boyfriend. The following year, Gwei was again nominated for Best Actress at the 50th Golden Horse Awards with the courtroom drama Christmas Rose. In 2014, she earned yet another Best Actress nomination at the Golden Horse Awards-the third consecutive year she has been nominated-with the thriller Black Coal, Thin Ice.

International Competition

Far Western

Director James Payne

USA, Japan | 2017 | 88min | DCP | Color | Documentary

El Viaje A Road Trip into Chiles Musical Heritage

Director Nahuel Lopez

Germany | 2016 | 93min | DCP | Color | Documentary

Chasing Trane : The John Coltrane

Director John Scheinfeld

USA | 2016 | 99min | DCP | Color | Documentary

The Golden Wing

Director Bobby Sarma Baruah

India | 2016 | 86min | DCP | Color | Drama

Hotel Rock'n'Roll

Director Michael Ostrowski, Helmut Kopping

Austria | 2016 | 102min | DCP | Color | Drama

Ode to Time

Director Hou Chi-jan

Taiwan | 2016 | 118min | DCP | Color | Documentary

My Umma

Director Lim Jun-hyun

Korea | 2017 | 93min | DCP | Color | Documentary