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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Band Night
Band Night
Date : 10 Aug (Fri) 20:00 / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage



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The Vigours

Praised by Word magazine as ‘The band London’s been waiting for’ , The Vigours is a hot new indie band that has garnered rave reviews for its melodic, irresistable anthems that draw from a deep well of creative British music - the Who, the Beatles, and other rock and roll greats.

ChungWonYoung Band

ChungWonYong Band, which Chung Wong Yong formed together with his students, is a multi-talented band that fires up the stage with a variety of music -- funky, modern rock and jazz -- all in harmony with Chung’s musical color and six other unique personalities.

HanSangWon Band

Having long shared stages with musical maestros like Chung Wong Yong and Yi Jeock, Han Sang Won strikes out on his own with his funky guitar stylings underlaid with rhythmic propulsiveness.