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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Artist Choice
Artist Choice
Date : 12 Aug (Sun) 17:00 / Place : Hanbyeongnu in Cheonpung Cultu



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Cheong-bae Art Troupe

Based on a shamanist custom and incorporating classical Korean instruments, folk music and masked dance, Cheon-bae Troupe are the contemporary inheritors of a tradition of Korean spiritual beliefs -- in harmony with the sky, earth and humanity.

Lee A-ram

Lee A-ram, the Gold Prize winner for her bamboo flute performance at the 2002 Dong-A Concours, is a member of \'Baramgot\' which creates original music and visual/musical drama. She is best known for her contributions to the soundtrack of Hwangjini.

Seo Jin Hee

A perennial award recipient at top Korean traditional music competitions, Seo Jin Hee trained under great vocalists such as Lee Il-ju, Ahn Sook-sun and Seong Chang-soon. She has been on tour internationally and nationally and played leading roles in several musical dramas.


\'GeomungoFactory\' improved the traditional stringed instrument, Geomungo, by creating a version that can be played while carrying it on the shoulders. This daring group plays their original ensemble music in a style that maximizes the attractiveness and appeal of this ancient 6-stringed zither.