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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Jazz Live
Jazz Live
Date : 11 Aug (Fri) 20:00 / Place : Cheongpung Lakeside Stage



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E Z Hyoung

E Z Hyoung recently proved his talents as a songwriting vocalist in his first album “Radio Dayz”, a fusion of folk, modern rock and electronics. He was also well known as a vocalist of Weeper, one of the bands that led a huge wave in the indie scenes in the 1990s.

Laura Fygi

Laura Fygi, a worldwide famous jazz vocalist from the Netherlands, enchanted Korean audiences with her well known numbers such as‘Dream A Little Dream’,‘Let There Be Love’,‘I Love You For Sentimental Reason’some of these were included in various TV commercials and films like A r t Museum by the Zoo, a hit Korean film.