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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Enjoy Your Summer
Korea | 2000 | 22min | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Woong-gi slowly loses his lively spirit as he misadjusts to his office life. On a mundane Monday morning in the bus, a sudden break down ruins everything for him. The film shows how the hero escapes from everyday life through music, the power of music gushing like rain in hot summer.

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Lee Hyung-gon

Born in 1969 in Korea, Lee majored in Visual Communication Design in Hongik University and graduated from the Korean National University of Arts (School of Film, TV and Multimedia). The potential of Lee has already been demonstrated in his direction of the short film (competition, Clermont-Ferrand Int''l Short Film Festival) and the images he **create**d in the music video of . is his feature debut.