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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Documentary Hahn Dae-Soo
Korea | 2001 | 80min | COLOR | Documentary | Musical


Hahn Dae-Soo introduces himself saying like, born in Korea, married to the Mongolian princess, enjoying breathing and looking up the clouds, most happy when he cooks and a gardener who doesn t have a garden. This film doesn t focus on him as a legendary Korean folk musician but on a husband of a woman who is so curious and laughs strangely and a 53 years old common man who is getting old.

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Chang Jee-wook

Chang Jee-Wook graduated from Hanyang University, department of theater and cinema in 2001 and then attended the graduate program in Film at the Korean National University of Arts. Directed < Mayonnaise>(1996), an experimental film, and < Sicaf Making movie>(1999), a documentary.