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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Pororo to the Cookie Castle
Korea | 2004 | 70min | COLOR | Animation | Musical


Christmas is a magical day when children can get presents from the jovial Santa Claus. So, if something were to happen to Santa Claus, that would be the worst nightmare for kids. < Pororo to the Cookie Castle > is an animation in which Pororo and his friends all run around trying to have a normal Christmas under circumstances where anything could happen to Santa Claus. Witches, Cookies, Candy, and chocolate come alive, as they will in the imaginations of children, and they go up against Pororo and his friends to stir up one great disturbance. At the heart of all the disturbance lies Santa Claus'''' topping is indeed a spectacle. The adorable Pororo already has an established fan base through the airing of < Pororo, the Little Penguin > on EBS and is a well known character that children love. 1.3 billion won went into making the film, and the adventures of Pororo in a mysterious, beautiful, and fantastic world will blow the heat of summer right out the window.

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Kim, Hyun-ho

Born in 1971, graduated from University of Technology majoring in mechanical engineering and worked at various computer graphic companies till he joined OCON in 99. He **create**d various visuals including Dr.Nazallan, publicity visuals and CGs for Samsung, taking part in the production of < Pororo, the Little Penguin > which was aired on EBS.