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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

My Beatiful Girl, Mari
Korea | 2002 | 80min | 35mm | COLOR | Animation | Musical


An innocent and sentimental animation and debut feature film for writer Lee Sung-kang about the love between Mari, a mysterious girl in a marble, and a boy named Namoo. The characters are 2D and the background is 3D while the pastel tones of the colors and the soft texture heighten the atmosphere of fantasy. Director of music Lee Byung-woo worked with Yoo Hee-yol, Sung-Shi-Kyung, pianist Shin Yi-Kyung, and oboist Im Jung-hee to create emotional music that is in harmony with the beautiful images of the film. Actors Lee Byung-hun, Ahn Sung-kee, and Bae Jong-ock received favorable reviews for their voice acting.

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Lee, Sung-gang

Born 1962 in Seoul. Majored in psychology at Yonsei University. < Ashes in the Thicket> which he produced in 1998 was in competition at the International Animation Festival in 1999. < Texture of Skin >, a feature film he produced in 1998, was in competition at the Moscow Film Festival and the Vancouver Film Festival.