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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Producing Adults
Finland | 2004 | 100min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Venla is a counselor for infertility clinic who comes to realize through her job that she wants to have a baby. However Venla faces conflict with her boyfriend of 15 years, Antero about having a child. This north European film reveals some hardships of living as an adult but also gives a warm message that there are places where you will find solace.

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Aleksi Salmenpera

Born 1973. An architecture major, he majored in Motion Picture, Television and Production Design at University of Art and Design Helsinki. His shorts < Trespassing>(1998) and < Ferry-Go-Round>(2001) were screened at several film festivals and he directed 8 episodes of the TV series < The Road to Eden>. < Producing Adults> is his first feature film.