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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

USA | 1987 | 90min | Drama | Musical


Shorts but strong images unfold with the famous arias of Verdi, Lulie, Wagner and Puccini. As one act play is **insert**ed in these images, this film turns into a huge opera parade. These short films are as much different and individual as the directors such as Robert Altman, Jean-Luc Godard, Derek Jarman, and Ken Russell. This film is not only gorgeous and sensible like a MTV style of opera but also a new approach of classical arias.

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Robert Altman, Jean Luc Godard

1. Robert Altman

Born 1925 in the U.S. Gained experience through TV programs and has been working actively as an outsider in the New Generation Cinema with both TV and film to this day.

2. Jean Luc Godard

Born 1930 in Paris, France, wrote film criticisms for < Cahier du Cinema> along with other critics Francois Truffaut and Jacques Rivette. Released shocking films including his debut < a bout de souffler>(1960) and was one of the leading directors of the Nouvelle Vague; the French New Wave.

3. Ken Russell

Born 1927 in Britain. Having been a soldier and an actor, he succeeded as a BBC broadcasting producer and has projected a striking and unique world of film in works such as < Tommy> and < Music Lover>.

4. Franc Roddam

Born 1946 in U.K. Graduated from the London Film School. Following the success of his cinematic debut < Qua**drop**henia>(1979), he went over to the U.S. and has been working with both TV and film.

5. Bill Bryden

Born 1942 in Greenock, U.K. Worked as a TV surveyor and screenwriter in the 60s and then as a writer and director for TV, theater, and film.

6. Nicolas Roeg

Born 1928 in London. Made his directorial debut with < Performance>(1970) and has since directed such films as < Don t Look Now>(1973) and < The Man who Fell to Earth>(1976).

7. Charles Sturridge

Born 1951 in London. A previous member and actor of the National Youth Theatre. Currently working in film, theater, and TV.

8. Julien Temple

Born 1953 in London. Studied film at the National Film TV School. Directed numerous films including < The Great Rock and Roll Swindle>(1980) which was acclaimed as the < Citizen Caine> of rock films.

9. Bruce Beresford

Born 1940 in Sidney, Australia. Graduated college in England, then lived in England and Nigeria and then returned to Australia and became a film director. Won an Academy Award for Best Director for < Tender Mercies>(1983).

10. Derek Jarman

Born 1942 in London. First started working in film as the set designer for Ken Russell s < The Devils>(1971). His debut film < Sebastian>(1976) and other films have been highly controversial and he was just starting to be recognized as a promising U.K. director when he died of AIDS in 1994.

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